Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Victory For The Niger Delta?

Read here.

The court has hereby declared that gas flaring must stop now. Not in two years, not next week, now. The only problem is that in a country where the President has shown utter disregard for rulings of the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, he may well regard a ruling of the Federal High Court with as much respect as a Brobdingnagian would have shown a Lilliputian.

I fear this will turn out to be yet another paper victory.


Adalmin said...

Hey, I hear you. I know it's tough when the top men in your country don't give a rat's ass to basic law (I'm from Myanmar, Land of the Army and Little Else), so I'm just here to give you some encouragement and say that, you know, someone out there feels your pain.

The Law said...

Thanks adalmin. It is tough when the "big men" don't care what the law has to say about their actions. It only tells the small men that they should also break the law, and leads to anarchy.

I just hope that isn't the end result here.

The Law said...

By the way, can I ask people posting all these adverts about making money on my blog to pleeease desist.

This blog isn't about money, and besides, I know I'm not living where I can make $800 or whatever.


Anonymous said...

[QUOTE][B]++ [[/B] originally posted by Chxta [B]] ++[/B]


Well, according to the article they are meant to stop [i]immediately[/i]. But in a country where the president has on more than one occassion shown a disregard for Supreme Court rulings, [b]I doubt that the judgement will be converted into a tangible victory.[/b]

In this world, and yes, that includes the United States, multinationals are just too strong...

Anyways, here's to the future... [/QUOTE]

Like I knew. The judgement isn't 24 hours old, [url=http://www.planetark.com/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/33493/story.htm]yet this[/url]

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