Friday, April 14, 2006

Long Time No See

It's been a while, folks. No vex. I dey for Now Ya Sufferin Continues.

Since I've been gone, a lot has happened in our great country Nigeria. It is now officially unsafe for a white man to walk the streets in Warri, they did some nonsense head-count called Census, and they approved an amendment to the constitution to allow Uncle Sege and his cronies another four years in power.

Although it has not yet been passed by the National Assembly, they've said all it takes is to open the NNPC and flood the place with dollars. Knowing the bunch of greedy old men we have in that place, I won't be very surprised if that's exactly what happens.

Of course, there are those who have fought against the third-term nonsense. I feel it is a massive insult to tell a nation of more than 140 million that there is only one man fit to rule them. At least, Baba and his boys are yet to start running commercials on NTA with his face on a key a la Abacha, but don't think that they can resist that gimmick for very long. Afterall, it worked for the dark-goggled one, even though an Indian apple cut short his planned enjoyment of the office.

Sege was recently seen on a visit to the White House wringing his wrists and turning from side to side like a naughty pupil summoned to the Headmaster's office. Someone explained that the White House was very cold that day, and we all know that Baba is much advanced in years and can't take sudden changes in temperature that well anymore. He was merely trying to keep warm as best he could, and that it had nothing to do with George W.'s glacial reception to the idea of tenure extension for Baba.

After that meeting, Baba told reporters that a third term was "not on the cards.... For now."

We are now waiting for a third term to be "on the cards". Perhaps then, Baba will tell us whether he's running or not.

Any bets on him not running?

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