Friday, November 09, 2007

What's Good For The Goose...

Some time ago, Hamas terrorists operating out of Southern Lebanon crossed the border into Israel and abducted four Israeli soldiers who were on patrol. Hamas then demanded the release of some of its members who were languishing in Israeli prisons in exchange for the four soldiers.

Israel declared it would not negotiate with terrorists, then launched a bombing campaign on Hamas held areas in Lebanon. Hamas retaliated by launching missile attacks on Israel. What happened next stunned everyone. Israel, in the name of "cutting off supplies to Hamas" proceeded to bomb every single bridge in Lebanon. When that was done, Israel then proceeded to utterly destroy the Beirut International Airport. When the Lebanese President protested, he was told that the destruction of his country's infrastructure was his punishment for failing to control Hamas.

George W. Bush went on air to say Israel was fully justified in its actions, even when it became clear that the bombing campaign was no longer about four kidnapped soldiers, but rather about (in the words of an Israeli general) "setting Lebanon's infrastructure back twenty years". When the bombing moved to schools and hospitals, Israel said Hamas was hiding it's members in those places. When the bodies of children were brought out of the smoking rubble, Israel naturally maintained a stony silence.

It took months of international pressure to end the bombing. I will never forget the sight of the Lebanese president talking about what Israel was doing to his country, and breaking down in tears on international television. The lesson America and Israel taught the world during that period was quite simple - if some terrorist attacks your country, you make his government pay.

Now, that lesson looks set to return to bite the Americans in the ass. Kurdish terrorists, operating out of Northern Iraq, crossed the border into Turkey, and murdered 17 Turkish soldiers. Turkey has been having problems with the Kurds for a while now, and were probably among those who were sad to see Saddam Hussein go, as he was responsible for keeping the Kurds quiet. Indeed, Turkey denied the U.S. permission to overfly their territory during the invasion of Iraq.

With the attack on its soldiers, Turkey began contemplating military action in Iraq. Syria and Iran, being perrenial trouble-makers, were quick to state they would fully support any military action undertaken by the Turks. There are no prizes for guessing which example was cited by Syria and Iran as their precedent for dealing with the Kurdish terrorists. The Kurds hastily offered a cease-fire which was rejected out of hand by Turkey. The Turkish people took to the streets demanding a response from their government.

Seeing that they would now have to either engage Turkey in military action in violation of their NATO treaty, or step aside and let Turkey destroy their new vacation location for oil executives, America and Britain threw themselves on their knees and begged Turkey not to retaliate.

By Israeli precedent, Turkey could bomb Baghdad back to the Stone Age (whichever parts the Americans have not yet destroyed), they could bomb every road, bridge, and footpath to cut off the Kurds from their supplies, they could bomb the airports, the sea ports, etc., and should the puppet government in Iraq complain, they will be told that it is their punishment for failing to control the Kurds. And when they run out of infrastructure to destroy, they can then face the job of destroying hospitals and schools to make sure no Kurdish terrorists are hiding within.

Turkey may not choose the military option, but it's nice to know that if they do, they'll only be following the example of America and Israel and opening a new chapter in the "War of Terror".


Chxta said...

Difficult to think of a counter argument to this one because it is entirely true.

Texazzpete said...

Some minor issues with the analogy...

1. the Kurdish guerillas aren't in power in Iraq. The Kurdish representatives in the Iraqi parliament (and government) haven't identified themselves with these guerillas just yet. So no justification to bomb Baghdad

2. Your article insinuates a Turkish invasion of Iraq. Technically, yes, the turkish millitary seeks to cross into Iraq to target the millitants in kurdish areas, but not to the large scale implied by 'either engage Turkey in military action in violation of their NATO treaty, or step aside and let Turkey destroy their new vacation location for oil executives,

3. Lebanon then was not nearly as volatile as Iraq is now. The American invasion is bad enough, leaving the country in pieces when they pull out is not what the US envisages/wants.

Other than that, i see nothing wrong in your article. i can see where this can cast the Americans in a hypocritical light.

The Law said...

1. Hamas wasn't in power in Lebanon. Hamas had no representative in the Lebanese government. The decision of Israel to target Beirut was therefore totally unjustified. The mere fact that the Kurds have representatives in the Iraqi government, however, makes the Iraqi government vicariously liable for their actions.

2. I never said Turkey would invade and destroy the whole of Iraq, I said that going by precedent they would be justified if they did so.

3. Whether the Americans like it or not, when they pull out of Iraq, it is going to break up.

4. The Americans ARE hypocrites. They are the greatest hypocrites in the world. If you need any proof, look at Pakistan.

TRAE said...

7 words...: "Another nice read from another anti American".

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